Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July!

It was a HOT one! I believe the temperature was up to 101 or 102, and our family spent pretty much the entire day outside.  We were with Andy's family and took the kids to their first 4th of July parade and swam at Steve, Deanna, and Camella's house--thank goodness for the pool!

Besides being Mary's first 4th of July, it was also the day that Mary finally figured out how to roll both ways (back to tummy first, then tummy to back)! We had been getting a little worried that she hadn't reached that milestone yet, but I guess she just needed to go to Uncle Steve and Aunt Deanna's house, because now she won't stop rolling! Mary also wore a swimming suit and swam for the first time!

Daddy and Blaise burning up at the parade.

Mary, trying to stay cool in the little bit of shade we could find.

Our van's thermometer reading while we were leaving the parade...

Mary's ready for the pool!

Damien swimming with Grammy

Blaise looking pretty happy!

Mary loved the pool! (Who wouldn't floating in that thing?!)   :)

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