Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mary is One!

Our little girl, Mary Clare, turned one today! It's amazing how quickly the year went and how much Mary has grown.

Some fun facts about our little 1 year old:

  • Mary was one day overdue, but still the smallest of our children at 8lbs, 8oz and 19 inches
  • She was born on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in the US. I don't believe this was a coincidence...
  • Mary loves clapping and "dancing" (bouncing, swaying) to music or her brothers' singing
  • She has taken up to 3 steps on her own (she took 3 steps for the first time today!)
  • Something that makes her laugh more than anything is "rough-housing" with her brother, Blaise
  • Mary has 7 teeth, with a couple more about to make an appearance
  • She is already weaned of her bottle, and only drinks from a sippy cup. She never had to be weaned of a pacifier, because she never took one.
  • Her favorite foods are probably bananas and graham crackers, although she hasn't been too picky
  • Mary's favorite toy is a pink stuffed pig that Andy had given me on our 2nd date in 2007. Somehow it made it into her pack n' play as an infant. Now she always sleeps with it and uses it to soothe herself.
  • She loves waving "bye-bye" ("ba-ba" in Mary language) whenever she thinks anyone is leaving the house (which is when anyone walks into our laundry room)
  • We are learning more about Mary and her beautiful personality every day. We're excited to see her develop over the next year!
Happy Birthday, Mary!

Mary, on her birthday: January 22nd, 2012

Mary, on her 1st birthday: January 22nd, 2013