Friday, October 25, 2013

The First Day of School!

Damien started 4K on September 3rd. He goes Monday through Friday from 8am to 11am.  He is going to a new school and has done great with the transition!

Blaise started preschool for the first time on September 5th. Blaise goes to school 3 days a week from 8am to 11am.  He has had no problems with the transition into a school setting and has even enjoyed going to Mass with his class on Thursdays!  School has even helped Blaise to become potty-trained a few weeks ago--he started going at school before he had ever gone at home!

Our Trip to Holy Hill

Now that I only work every-other weekend (as opposed to every weekend, which I did last year), we were happy to take as many "day trips" as we could with our young family this past summer. In August, we had the opportunity to go to Holy Hill, which is the National Shrine of Mary, Help of Christians. I had been there once before while in high school, and Andy had never been there, so it was a nice experience to have as a family.  The kids were really good--we were able to celebrate Mass in the basilica and walk the entire Stations of the Cross up the hill. The kids were most interested in the stations where "Jesus fell down"--they were surprised to find out Jesus fell down too!--but we were still able to use it as a great teaching/learning experience.

The Basilica

Blaise, feeling pretty cool!

My crew, eating a picnic lunch

Yummy sandwiches!

Walking down the hill

Walking the Stations of the Cross

Probably the best (if not only) photo of the fam this summer!

Enjoying the view

Blaise's 3rd Birthday

Blaise turned 3 on August 17th, and we were able to have a nice little party with our family on the 24th. Blaise even got a "By" cake (from the show Meet the Sight Words by Preschool Prep), which he had been requesting for months prior to his birthday. We are so proud of our big 3-year-old!

Blaise celebrating on his actually birthday with his family and grandparents.

With some of his new gifts: "Baseball shirt" (a Blaise request), John Deere backpack for school, and a giant firetruck puzzle!

At the birthday party on August 24th...Blaise, Mary, Damien, and cousin, Camella.

Blaise seeing his "By" cake for the first time.

Inspecting the cake

We'll have to explain this to him in a few years...

One happy 3-year-old!!