Friday, February 11, 2011

We are the Champions!

It's official...The PACKERS are the Super Bowl Champions! Our family definitely enjoyed watching the game and seeing the team that we love so much earning a very hard-fought victory! We even predicted it correctly when we said that our favorite player, Aaron Rodgers, would be the Super Bowl MVP! We were all decked out in our Packer gear, and even made an exception and wore our Packer attire to church on Sunday morning. (We had to wear our Packer clothes all day--how many times do we get to see our team in the Super Bowl?!).

Andy and I were fortunate that our moms were available and willing to watch the boys on Tuesday, because we were able to make the voyage to Green Bay to welcome the Packers home and congratulate them at the "Return to Titletown" celebration, along with over 56,000 other fans. It was 7 degrees out, and the windchill was -15 degrees--I don't remember if I've ever been so cold in my life, but it was worth it! It was great to see all the players and the Lombardi Trophy home where it belongs!

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