Monday, January 18, 2010


So much has happened since our last post here! It's hard to believe how much Damien is now able to do. He amazes us every day. Here are some highlights:

-Damien learned how to crawl on December 23rd, after about a month of rocking and crawling backwards. At first he was a little tentative and unsteady, but he sure has the hang of it now!

-Damien really seemed to enjoy his first Christmas. He was a great age to celebrate, as he was able to rip the paper off the gifts and play with his new toys. He really enjoyed playing with the boxes too!

-Last week (January 12th), Damien started pulling himself up onto the furniture in a standing position. We realize that we will have to lower his crib mattress, since he can now stand up in his crib.

-Lastly, Damien almost has four teeth now! There are two on the bottom, and the top two are just starting to break through. He had his first teething biscuit on January 15th and made a huge mess! :)

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