Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One Month Old!

As of yesterday, Damien is exactly four weeks old. He had his one month doctor's appointment, and we got a good report! He is starting to grow quickly, after losing weight in the first couple weeks. He is now 9lbs, 7oz and 21 inches long! His head circumference is 37.5 cm.

In the last month, we have seen Damien grow in many ways. His eyes have become very clear, and when he is awake, he is very alert with his eyes wide open. He can follow objects with his eyes and turn his head to sounds. We have recently started introducing him to "tummy time", and he is able to hold his head up for short periods of time. His weight gain is becoming apparent, as he now has a little belly that sticks out.

There are two things that Damien still doesn't like: diaper changes and baths. Diaper changes have gotten better, but he still does cry occasionally. He always makes his "scrunchy face", which is his face right before he starts crying, while getting his diaper changed. Baths are a different story. The second he feels the water, he starts screaming. He sometimes seems to like having his hair rinsed, but that's about it. Hopefully he can have a relaxing bath in the near future!

Damien is enjoying the nicer weather by going out and about. He is going on walks in his stroller around the neighborhood, and he's also starting to like being carried by mommy in his Moby wrap carrier. Damien has been to church at least once a week since his birth, and has been very good during all masses (as long as he's not hungry!). He has gone to restaurants (Claddaugh, McDonald's, Pedro's, Culver's, and Panera) and some stores (Target, Farm & Fleet, Copps, and Babies R Us). He's getting around!

Damien showing off his belly!

Damien trying to relax with daddy after a rough bath...

Happy and alert at 4 weeks old!

Damien at the doctor's office for his 1 month appointment!

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